beyond allopathic

Things I’m doing besides standard Western medicine’s slash, poison, and burn:

Learning to meditate, getting in touch with the more emotional parts of me

Acupuncture to lessen chemotherapy side effects (nausea)

Drinking nettle infusion to support my liver through chemotherapy

Taking milk thistle supplements, ditto

Taking mushroom tonic and extracts and eating more shiitake mushrooms (anti-tumor, immune-boosting, yummy)

Eating flax oil and ground flax seeds every day, with yogurt or cottage cheese (anti-cancer regimen)

In general, learning more about herbs for cancer and the immune system with the goal of incorporating various preventative treatments into my diet and routine

Reading useful books about living with cancer (some about dying with cancer)

As I have often said, having breast cancer is a half-time job. This time around part of my job is in the kitchen!

One thought on “beyond allopathic

  1. francois

    Since you mention other ways than allopathic treatments, I thought I might add my 2 cents.
    You talk about getting in touch with your emotional side in the first item of your list. I can only encourage you in that path. Marc and Véronique, who live under my roof for now until they find a new place to live, have told me (and Eric recently) about Dr. Hamer’s approach. See and In Dr. Hamer’s view, cancer is always the result of an emotional trauma that usually occurs about a year before the cancer is manifested. In your case, since you had already a cancer a few years ago, you may want to look at the year preceding that first cancer. Véronique was healed this way, and she has other stories of people that also healed by digging in the emotional side of themselves.
    Later on in your list you wonder about herbs that could help. I can only recommend to take rooibos, this red tea from South Africa. See If you can’t find some easily I’ll be glad to send you some!

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